A Different Voice Lesson Directions:

A lesson on looking at another character or person's point of view and perspective.

In your small group:
1. Read the original fairy tale or fable that you were assigned.
2. Discuss whose point of view is being expressed in the story.
3. Think about how another character might not share the same point of view and why it would be different.
4. Take this other character’s perspective, and create a new version of the story, an interview with this character, or something else that will be turned into a 3-5 minute podcast and shared with the whole group.
5. Assign parts
6. Practice
7. Open up Audacity and record (Make sure that the word “microphone” is what is showing on the right side of the menu bar.)
  • To record, all you need to do is make sure that your USB microphone is connected to your computer and click on the record button.
  • You will see a track appear on the screen along with “audio waves” which are a picture of what your sound looks like. Each time you record, a new track will appear on the screen.
  • To increase the volume of your track, look at the far left side of the track. In the box you will see a plus and a minus sign above a sliding control that lets you increase or decrease the sound.
8. To stop recording, press the stop button.
9. Your Audacity project is currently in a format that most people cannot listen to. You will need to export your audio to MP3 format. It is fairly simple to do this. Make sure to save your project first, then go to the file menu and select "Export to MP3." Give your MP3 file a name and click on "save" (to the desktop).
10. On the podcasts page in the Motivating wiki (make sure you have clicked on “edit this page”) and type the name of your recording. Then, click on the insert image icon . When the Images and Files box appears, browse and find your recording file on the desktop. Click "upload". A double bracketed phrase will appear in the wiki letting you know that you were successful. Click “save” in the wiki and the page will then update with the new information.


Fairy Tales/Fables

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Little Red Hen
The Ugly Duckling
The Three Billy Goats Gruff