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What is your favorite holiday? Why? Tell something about the customs, traditions and/or food that you especially enjoy which are associated with this holiday and what their origins are. Using the internet, find a link that provides information about either the holiday itself or an interesting aspect of it. Also, you will need to find an image to include with your text.

Of all the holidays we celebrate, Christmas has to be my favorite. Even as a child, I preferred Christmas to my next favorite holiday, which is Thanksgiving, and Easter. Even the word Christmas evokes sentimental images of snowy New England landscapes, sleigh rides, and music gushing from every corner. I could care less about getting presents, although I enjoy giving little things to friends and family. It is the scent of frankinsence and mhyrr, misteltow candles burning, and the beautiful church music, including the Messiah, that draw me in to the season between November and December 25th.