Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for School Projects
Creative Commons Cartoon Explains the various Creative Commons licenses.
The Educator’s Guide To The Creative Commons.
The Digital Citizenship and Creative Content program is a free, turnkey instructional program sponsored by Microsoft. The goal is to create an awareness of the rights connected with creative content.

Be sure to read the terms of use at any site from which you are taking images or sounds since many require you to include screen credits to the authors or websites as part of your permission to use the resources. It is a good ethical practice to cite and credit ALL sources of any resources you use.


[[#mce_temp_url#|Webquest.Org]]These are greate places to look for images, music and sounds. Most require only that attribution be given to the originator. Check each site for conditions of use.
ImageBase Free high resolution images
Creative Commons -- this site provides links to a host of sites and organizations that have agreed to some leniency of copyright protection.
Flickr Creative Commons On this site, you can search through 22 million photos for shots that are being legally shared by photographers, under flexible copyrights licensed through Creative Commons (CC).
Search by Creative Commons Search through Google, Yahoo, Flickr, Owl and more for images that are legally shared.
Simple CC Flickr Search Free photos from amateur photographers. Must link to
Free PhotosCollection of photos to use. Be sure to read the terms of use.
Pics4Learning Copyright friendly images for education.
Images Canada
Cal Photos This database currently contains 168,120 digital images of plants, animals, and other natural history subjects,
The Free Site -- this site is loaded with free web-based things, and this link connects you to their clip art index.
Image Sources - free for educational use, copy and paste bibliography for pictures
DiscoverySchool's Clip Art Gallery Free clipart
DK Clip art
The University of Victoria Teaching Clipart Gallery has three thousand images specifically designed for language-teaching.
The Royalty Free Clip Art Collection For Foreign/Second Language Instruction from Purdue University is another place to find images useful for teaching English Language Learners.
The Japanese Language Course Support Site is a smaller, but useful, source of language-learning images.
Pics 4 Learning is specifically designed for teachers and students, and has thousands of images that can be used freely.
Clip Art ETC from Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse offers over 38,000 pieces of clip art for students and teachers.
Edupics is one more source of clip art for use in schools. has 160,000 copyright-free images available.
PicFindr lets you search many photo sites simultaneously and, in addition to defining the image you want, you can define the restrictions for use.
Wikimedia Commons It has four million images, and their reuse agreement states: almost all may be freely reused without individual permission according to the terms of the particular license under which it was contributed to the project. Depending on what you want to do with it, you probably do not need to obtain a specific statement of permission from the Licensor.
25 Places To Find Awesome Stock Photos
The Best Online Sources For Images.
Free Digital Photos: “Free Digital Photos has a good search function, which is very important when you’ve got this many images under one resource. Photos are nicely grouped into categories for easy and quick browsing.”
AnimalPhotos Images on this site are under creative commons and are free to use on web sites and other projects.
Public Domain Photos "Public Domain Photos is exactly that: a photographer’s domain for public display, all arranged by corresponding categories. There’s a really good search function available, as well.”
Free Historical Stock Photos: “Free Historical Stock Photos contains various historical images, including many by Matthew Brady (Civil War) and Dorothea Lange (Great Depression). This site also includes paintings and vintage posters. The images are gracefully categorized and easily findable with the use of a search function.”


Free Kids Music -- this site has children's music available from artists who have agreed to share their work for free for children and educators.
Partners in Rhyme Royalty free music and sound effects
Free Audio Clips
Free Play Music
Free LoopsSample NetOpen Music ArchiveJamendoiBeatincompetechPodsafe AudioPurple Planet
The Free Music Archive

Sound Effects

SoundsnapSoungleFree Sound ProjectAbsolute Sound Effects ArchiveSound JayMy Sound FX
FindSounds Search the web for sounds.
Sound Resources